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Perhaps you need to update your resume or, perhaps, you've never had one before and need to create your first--whatever the scenario, you have to know what you're doing. Yes, that sounds a bit obvious but it's common for people to make mistakes that are just as obvious when writing their resume. Whether the format is incorrect or it turns from brief outline of accomplishments to overly-long biography, things happen. Of course, the most common of these mishaps is choosing the wrong style of resume to display your skills.

There are two (most recognized) formats, the Chronological and the Functional. If you do not understand the difference between these two, and are not able to judge which will best serve you, then your resume will not be as strong as it should. That is why it is essential to view resume samples. These will show you how the formats differ, and how they represent different backgrounds.
Resume samples easily show you how work history and education apply to the Chronological and Functional format; by viewing these, you can best understand which style will carry you well into the business arena.

A Chronological resume sample will explain how to show a progression in job skills and abilities. These samples will let you see how to create a timeline that best displays your progress as a worker. For those with steady employment or past advancements, this format is ideal.

A Functional sample, on the other hand, will show those with less experience and more accomplishment how to put themselves out there as the candidate to beat. Samples will explain how to place an emphasis on what you have done, rather than when you did it. This is perfect for those with gaps between their work histories.

Resume samples are, simply put, essential. They give you the guidelines to succeed. This does not mean, of course, that you must comply with every rule or section they list. Your history may not comply with what is commonly used. Instead, the samples can spark new ideas and quickly extinguish the old (bad) ones. They can show you what can be done, and help you make the
best choices with your formats.

There are, of course, more than just the Chronological and Functional samples to view. Variations have been spawned to tailor more personalities. There are samples for these as well; the most common formats, however, are the Chronological and Functional so the focus will turn to them.

Using resume samples is a practical and time saving way to create a resume. They can save you from rejection or constant rewriting, and help you properly display your talents. Now, employers will not be focused on your poorly constructed resume; they will be focused on what it contains.

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