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Being organized with the right paperwork is one small factor that will help to determine how successful you will be as a cleaning professional.

When starting out in the cleaning business it can be a very time consuming process to get together the necessary paperwork for the day-to-day running of the business. However, once you have put together some standard letters, business forms and a cleaning contract or agreement you can reuse them over and over again just by making some slight changes on a case by case basis.

New business owners these days can save a lot of time by getting a hold of some of these standard business documents on the Internet. It is possible to find some that you are allowed to copy or customize for your own business. Let's take a look at some of the paperwork you will need for your cleaning startup.

A service agreement or contract is essential, especially for the commercial janitorial sector. This document basically sets out the terms under which you will provide cleaning services, including contact details for each party, services offered, price, who will provide cleaning products and other obligations.

Business forms will also be needed for the day-to-day running of the businesses finances. Having examples of billing forms and receipts used by others in the cleaning industry can give you ideas about how to structure your own forms. You will also need letters for financial related situations as they arise such as chasing overdue accounts.

Business forms and letters can also help you manage your customers and serve them better. A file should be kept on each customer with basic details and preferences. You also need 'thank you' letters, welcome letters and letters for dealing with customer complaints.

Other paperwork that you will need to collect and develop for your company includes letters for bidding on commercial jobs, maintenance logs for vehicles and equipment and forms and agreements for managing staff members.

Having the necessary cleaning business forms, templates, standard letters and agreements on hand for when you need them will ensure that your cleaning business is organized, productive and professional.

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