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Inquiry Letter.
This letter inquires why the bill isn't being paid. It assumes that the bill is overdue. It's a good idea to follow this letter with a personal phone call inquiring about the payment delay. Often an alternative plan can be arranged to suit the recipient's current budget constraints. If another agreement is reached, send a copy of the new payment plan to the recipient. Continue to follow up letters with phone calls to maintain open communication. Keep a log of all calls.

Western Wear
2212 Boot Hill Rd. Cheyenne, WY 82001

August 5, 1999

Ted Wilson
515 Ramey Ct.
Laramie, Wy 820063

Dear Mr. Wilson,

Is there some reason you have not paid your bill of #319.04?

In the credit agreement you signed, you agreed to pay off your bill in three payments. Your total bill is now overdue. Please send $319.04 within 10 days. If you have any question or concerns regarding this bill, please contact me at 800-555-9875 by September 10.

Failure to send the full amount by September 15 may mean that your bill will be turned over to a collection agency. Your prompt attention is urgent to protect your credit.


Mary West
Credit Manager